Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fine Dining

Dining Along The Way

Food selection and preparation.

Gary Walkingman HauseOatmeal is my favorite food, cheap, nutritious, quick cooking, light weight. With lots of sugar, dry milk powder, and two eggs stirred in, it tastes great and keeps me going all day. Takes about five minutes to boil water, add quick oats, stir, and start eating. Although I like quick oats, my favorite hot cereal is "Quaker Multigrain" (oats, wheat, rye and barley), not all stores carry it though. When I know there are no stores coming up in the morning where I can get a cup of real coffee I add a teaspoon of instant coffee to my oats. Fruit is my next favorite food, I eat about six bananas, three oranges, two apples, and one carrot, every day. One time I could not find any fruit for two days, I remember being tired, must of been something in the fruit I was not getting. They say it is alot better to get your vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables then from a vitamin pill. Also have a cup of yogurt, four or five peanut butter sandwiches, half a bag of cookies, and what ever food people give me. Over some long stretchs between towns in Texas, I started buying a two liter bottle of soda for the extra calories and caffine. After a while I deceided to make my own sun tea, three tea bags and half a cup of sugar in a two liter pop bottle works good. Gives me a little boost from the sugar and caffine and only costs about ten cents to make. Lot of people say sugar and caffine are bad for you, but I have read a lot of articles in sports magazines that say moderate amounts will improve your performance and endurance. I like it and it works for me, thats what is important, determine for your self what works for you. I cook my oats on a MSR multi-fuel stove, lightweight, easy to use, available at most good camping stores. For cooking and eating all I have is one pot and one spoon, all you really need, simple and lightweight. For some people my diet might seem monotionous, but once in a while I have a pizza buffet, and everyday people stop to talk and give me food or sometimes invite me in for a homecooked meal. The surprise and variety are always welcome, makes me appriciate food all that much more.
Walkingman's Diet: Cost Calories
2 cups of oatmeal with sugar, milk, 2 eggs. $.40 500

6 bananas, 3 oranges, 2 apples, 1 carrot. $1.65 1040

4 peanut butter sandwiches. $.70 1400

half a pound of cookies. $.50 1000 cup of yogurt . $.50 250

4 liters of sun tea. $.20 750

1 multivitamin and mineral pill. $.04 0

1 cup of real coffee with sugar and cream. $.40 100


Average daily cost and calorie intake. $4.39 5040

Of course this is only a rough estimate and it does not include the food people give me or the occasional pizza buffet. But it gives you pretty good idea of how to eat cheaply and nutritiously. The trick is to listen to your body and eat whatever you crave, your body knows what it needs.

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