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New York to Florida 2004-2005

Weeks 1-3

Walkingman’s 1st Week from New York to Florida
Olcott, NY to Elmira, NY, via Batavia. 11-1-04 to 11-7-04, 165 miles, 12,471 Total World Walk miles.

Feels great to be back on the road and walking again. Nothing better than fresh air, exercise, good food, and a good nights sleep to make you feel on top of the world. If you are ever feeling down, just go outside and start walking. By yourself, take a dog, or pick up a friend. Listen and watch the animals, the wind in the trees, the water flowing down river, all of nature is amazing. The high you get when your body releases adrenaline and endorphins during exercise is much better than any drug or alcohol. You also get more oxygen delivered to your brain, so your mind will come up with great thoughts and ideas.

I am always jotting down ideas for future projects I think of. Life seems to becoming more complicated as we work harder to be able to buy all the new consumer goods. I like to keep my life simple, with just the camping gear, clothes, and food and water that I can fit on my 3 wheel baby jogger. Everyday I walk from sunrise to sunset and see amazing things and meet interesting people. The best things in life are free; air, water, the warmth of the sun, a smile or a laugh.

Everyday lots of nice people are stopping to talk and walk with me. One lady came out with a plate of hot pizza and a soda. Another lady had a sub and soda for me. Outside Avoca, NY, one local walked with me for a couple miles and invited me to a Friday night Sabbath dinner and service at a nearby farm. Beautiful service with singing and preaching and a great potluck dinner. Slept on the couch with two cats and a Norwegian Elkhound. Very enjoyable hot shower and breakfast in the morning.

Weather has been good so far, mostly sunny with some light rain, and a few light snow flurries. Down to shorts, T-shirt, and sandals one day. Layered with wool and Gore-Tex the next day with brisk tailwind and rain. Warm and dry in my bag and tent at 22F (-3C) one night. Heard a pack of dogs real close to my tent one night in the Alabama swamps of NY. Sounded like they had caught up with their quarry and were having a fight of it. Terrible screaming and howling coming from about 50 feet from my tent. A car pulled over and two men starting yelling for their dogs to return.

Treated to a nice hot cup of coffee inside on a cold rainy day by a newspaper reporter that interviewed me in Dansville NY. Just missed the big chocolate spill on I-390 near Mt Morris. Trucker avoiding a deer jackknifed and spilled 45,000 pounds of liquid chocolate. Took them 7 hours to clean up with bulldozers, as it froze solid in the cold weather. I was on the local road that follows the main highway.

Seeing a lot of old houses, inns, taverns, and historical signs. Following the route in reverse of the 1779 Sullivan Campaign to punish the Iroquois Tribes for fighting with the British against the Colonists in the American Revolution. The Army followed the Susquehanna River all the way through Pennsylvania and into the Finger Lakes region of NY. They burned something like 40 villages.

Pennsylvania is pretty hilly, but I will be following the Susquehanna River valley downhill most of the way to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Lots of rolling hills and curves as I follow the local road alongside the river. Stopped at one sign saying this was the Warriors Path for the Iroquois Tribes that raided all the way south to the Carolinas. They followed the Susquehanna and then the Juanita River.

My body is holding up great. Have a little bit of a sore throat. Been sucking on sore throat lozenges, but no other symptoms. I usually just listen to my body, and take it easy if I feel tired. 15 to 20 miles is a easy day for me instead of my usual 25 miles. Thinking about buying some running shoes in addition to my Teva sandals and Rockport walking shoes. Sometimes I am walking about 4mph and feel about ready to break out running just for the fun of it. Lots of road kill deer on the road side. I looked into getting some deer whistles for the front of my stroller, but the package said they only put out the high frequency whistle at above 30 mph. Tried running and the highest I could get my speedometer to go was 15 mph. So I will have to keep a close eye out for deer and try not to hit any.

Heading southeast for Scranton, Pennsylvania now on Route 6 east and then southwest on Route 11 south for Harrisburg.

Email me if you have any questions or comments about my walk. Do not click on reply, as that goes to my Yahoo account. Use Walkingman@Pocketmail

Just got a new webmaster, and he is adding new articles, my world map with old and new walking routes, photos from New Zealand, Turkey, and Greece.

Keep on Walking, Life is Good

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 2nd Week from New York to Florida

Elmira NY to Shickshinny PA, 11-8-04 to 11-14-04, 136 miles, 12,607 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004

Slowed down a little my second week. Sore throat got a little worse, with a cough and a runny nose. No aches or pains, and I still felt okay for walking. Took more breaks for coffee inside, and only did 15 to 20 miles a day. Picked up some Dayquil and that seemed to help. Still getting a good nights sleep even though it is below freezing every night this week. One day it snowed and rained off and on all day and hovered between 29 and 34 degrees F (-1 and 1C). That’s a real test of whether you have the right clothes. My wool and Gore-Tex layers kept me warm and dry and walking all day long, except for a few stops for coffee.

As I was walking through Sayre, PA, a local man hailed me and invited me in for a hot dinner, warm bed, and a hot shower. Happened at a good time as my left eye got infected from glare and or dirt under my contacts. He helped me call my eye doctor in Page, AZ to call in an antibiotic eye drop prescription to a local drug store. Eye infection cleared up overnight with the eye drops. It was kind of strange walking with my left eye covered for one day, but it has happened twice before, so I had done it before. My eye drops were a year old, and I figured it would be better to get some new drops.

The local man was a minister who helped domestic abuse victims over the Internet and traveled all over the world preaching and faith healing. Always seems like the people who stop to talk to me and invite me home are fellow travelers and have interesting lives to tell about and are not afraid of strangers. The media only seems to report the bad news about crime, hate, and violence. I think someone should start a good news channel. Focus on good news and still report the bad news, but just the facts, no gory photos or stupid interviews of victims or relatives asking them how they feel, we know they feel terrible. I bet it would be a big hit, I wonder if anybody has ever tried it. Lot of good people out there and only very few bad apples. As long as you keep your eyes open and use common sense the world is a pretty great place to travel and experience.

Stopped for breakfast in a small cafe and had a nice talk with the owner and a few locals. No charge for breakfast, and the owner made me a couple sandwiches to take with me for lunch. One old man hailed me into a small bar for a drink. I had a mug of coffee with whip cream.

Had a big dog jump out at me from his driveway and catch me by surprise. Grabbed my squirt bottle to spray him and nothing came out. I had gloves on and could not pull open the nipple top fast enough. He stopped and looked at it as I kept on walking and got past his territory. Bought a bright green squirt gun for a quicker draw. I usually put a couple drops of Tabasco sauce or bleach in the water to sting but not hurt the dogs that come at me. They usually just bark at me while I pass their territory, and then watch me pass on.

Been trying to learn to play my harmonica now for quite a few years with the John Gindick book and tape "Harmonica for the Complete Musical Idiot". No luck so far, but I just bought an even easier kit from First Act. The book and harmonica cost $8 and is written for 4 years old and up. They start you with blowing and drawing on 3 holes at once instead of the one hole pucker method. I think it might be simple enough for even me, so I will keep on trying. It would be great if I could play harmonica in front of supermarkets and in town centers to fund my world walk. In Europe they call it busking or being a traveling minstrel. I often saw jugglers, mimes, musicians, actors, singers, artists, and other people entertaining for a living in city centers. All roads would lead to a central square where there would be fountains, statues, benches, vendors, and artists to be enjoyed by people out walking, no cars, beeping horns, or exhaust.

Feet have been a little cold the first hour in the morning in my Rockport walking shoes. Found a pair of practically new Timberland hi-top hiking boots on the roadside. Not even wet, so they could not have been there for more than a day or two. Perfect fit and warmer than my Rockports. Twice as heavy, but great for the first hour and real cold snowy or rainy days. Also found a $20 bill, assorted change, several wrenches and screwdrivers. I travel pretty light, so I usually leave the tools I find next to somebody’s mailbox. Hate to see a good tool wasted.

Headed southwest on route 11 and 15 for Harrisburg, PA, and then southeast for Havre de Grace, Maryland, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Keep on Walking, Life is Good. Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 3rd Week from New York to Florida

Shickshinny, PA to Bainbridge, PA, 11-15-04 to 11-21-04, 143 miles, 12,750 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004

Great third week with warmer weather and my mild cold cleared up. No freezing nights and mostly sunny warm days. Lost 5 pounds over the last 3 weeks eating 6000 calories a day. Mostly yogurt, granola, oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter, bananas, apples, oranges, bread, cookies, V-8, and a occasional salad bar. Plus a few home cooked meals.

Was looking for a candle in K-Mart to warm water for my morning coffee. Found a Magic Heat stove for $5. A 6 oz can of alcohol based fuel, with wick, windscreen, and crossbar to set tin can on. Boils a cup of water in about 4 minutes, then I add half cup of quick oats, 2 eggs, sugar, and 1 spoon of instant coffee powder. Quick, delicious, nutritious, and filling breakfast all in one tin can. For dinner I leave out the coffee, much better than dry granola.

Talked to nice lady outside supermarket in Elizabethtown. Two hours later she found me on the road east of town and invited me home for dinner, hot shower, warm bed, and laundry. Gina told me she had gone home, saw my website and new flash movie. She said the movie with photos of me, people I met, and places I have been set to the song "Walk 500 Miles" by the Proclaimers, impressed her so much that she had to call my parents at home and talk to my mom. She then drove out east of town looking for me to invite me home. My new webmaster Mike Kreidel at did an awesome job, definitely go see it at .

So I turned around back to town and south on 241 to Bainbridge and Gina's home. Talked to some locals for directions, and Gina drove by again with her friend Denise. Local police stopped to talk and ask about what I was doing. More curious then thinking I was doing anything illegal. Gave her my website card. Down narrow road with trees arching over the top, completely bare of leaves though. Some trees still have green, yellow and red leaves on. Green moss on the rock walls on both sides, and then over a narrow bridge with about 10 people waiting to talk to me and ask questions. Couple cars stopped to talk also. Then Gina and Denise showed up to walk me up to her home.

All my dirty clothes in the washer, and best hot shower ever. Turn the steamer on, and while you are soaping up in hot water, steam pours out of a pipe and fills the shower stall. Nice ledge to sit on after and enjoy the steam. Full sized Jacuzzi in the bathroom with skylight overhead, awesome bathroom.

Over to Gina’s parents home for Sunday family gathering dinner. Lasagna, Stromboli, salad, garlic bread, and pecan and cherry pie for desert. Always nice to meet total strangers and be treated to such kindness.

Passing through Amish country now. Passed by several horse drawn wagons, with droppings to avoid on the shoulder. Stopped for coffee at Hilshers General Store and a few of the Amish ladies came out to ask questions and give me a hot ham and cheese sandwich.

Disturbing trend here in Pennsylvania. Many of the busy intersections have no walk pedestrian signs at all four corners. So I had to either stop my World Walk or break the law. I can understand them not wanting people to cross the busy main road, but not side streets with the red light. Penn DOT has their priorities messed up if they are trying to discourage walking. We need more walking and bicycling and fewer cars and driving 5 or 10 minutes to work, shop, and school. That’s why Americans of all ages are overweight. Try walking or bicycling whenever you can. You will feel better, save money, and do Mother Nature a favor.

Walked along the Susquehanna River through Harrisburg on a nice walking path through a greenbelt area set aside by founder of city 200 years ago. One old man on old vintage bicycle stopped to talk to me. He was wearing old thick wool jacket, wool hat, and had a thick heavy beard. Told me he used to work on building the railroad, but retired now.

Lots of neat old timber and stone houses and barns in this area. Some dating back 200 years. They were built to last back then.

Headed south for Baltimore and Washington D.C. on local route 45 next to I-83.

Thanks to everybody emailing me, always nice to hear from anybody.
Thanks to Mike Kreidel for his new flash movie and work on my website.
Keep on Walking, Life is Great.
Gary Walkingman Hause

Weeks 4-6

Walkingman’s 4th Week from New York to Florida
Bainbridge PA to Washington DC, 11-22-04 to 11-28-04, 122 miles, 12,872 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004.

Walking out of Bainbridge and my visit with Gina and her friends feeling great. Hot shower, clean clothes, and great home cooked meals make me feel all new again.

Invited into the Hagy’s home for Thanksgiving dinner just outside Baltimore. They stopped to talk and ask about my walk, and wanted to share their feast with me. Big turkey, stuffing, cranberries, green beans, rolls, gravy, and pumpkin pie for dessert. The weather had turned from a beautiful sunny day to cold and windy when they stopped. But during dinner the sun came out and I was able to walk another 3 hours in nice warm sunny weather.

Walked through the inner harbor area of Baltimore and stopped to see the tall sailing ships Constellation and Pride of Baltimore. Nice clean area with wide walking area. Lots of boarded up houses and dirty streets in the areas I passed through in the city. Lots of people have moved to the suburbs over the last 40 years, and thousands of row houses are sitting empty. You can buy a house from the government for $1 if you fix it up and make it up to code.

Stopped at Browns Farm Market just outside Shrewsberry for some groceries and talked to a worker outside gathering carts. While I was shopping he told the owner Farmer Brown about my walk and brought me over to talk to him. Farmer Brown filled up a bag of fruit, bread, and a pint of Hershey’s ice cream to help fuel my walk. I do about 20 miles on 6000 calories a day, so that’s 300 cpm (calories per mile).

Stopped at Jim Hack’s Ice Cream stand for some coffee. The owner asked me some questions then provided lunch on the house and pulled $10 out of his wallet to help me along. I do not encourage people to give me money since I work 8 months every year to fund my walk. But I do not like to turn down people’s generosity, as they all seem to enjoy hearing my stories and helping me out with food, money, advice about places to go, and a place to stay. Sometimes they will look around in their car and give me anything they have; a pair of binoculars from one guy, others have given me half of a pecan pie, cup of yogurt, bag of apples and many other things. I call it the kindness of stranger’s effect. From my travels it seems the vast majority of people are good at heart. Just that a very small percentage of mean, grumpy people that cause all the trouble in the world. I think they do it because they made the wrong choices with their life and did not get what they think they deserve. So they want to make life miserable for everybody else. Life is not fair, only the simple things are free, most everything you get you have to work hard for. You can accomplish amazing things if you just work hard and keep on trying. Expect success, but do not be disappointed if you fail a few times before you complete your goals. I just walk every day from sunrise to sunset. Twenty five miles a day adds up to all the way across the USA in 3 months. All the way around the world will take a little longer, but its the fun and experiences along the way that is the important part.

Weather has turned warmer now. No freezing nights, and most days are warm and sunny. Donated my found Timberland hiking boots and bought a pair of Nike Air Max running shoes at a thrift store. Wanted to try running 5 or 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day and see how my body responds. No hurry, but sometimes I just feel like stretching my legs a little.

Camped about 30 blocks from The White House in Washington DC behind the Woodhouse Library in a small wooded park. Into the Capitol area on a nice quiet Sunday where I walked around the mall from the Congress to the Lincoln Memorial. Hundreds of people out running around the mall. I stopped to talk to some volunteers at a water station organized by a club training for an upcoming marathon. Then to the small park (Lafayette square) across from The White House to meet a friend I knew from Utah. We walked around the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for a nice look at my favorite exhibits.

Then over to Fairfax High School for the Nutcracker Ballet with my next door neighbor from when I grew up in Newfane, NY. Rebecca (Liddel) and her husband Konrad Huppi were working the production by local high school students and professionals. First time I had seen it live and from so close up. Very beautiful ballet. My hosts took me back to their home and we had a great conversation, dinner, and another great hot shower, warm bed and clean clothes in laundry again. Most people in America take a lot of things for granted and do not really appreciate how many people in the world do not have anywhere near as much as we do.

Headed south on route 1 and 17 for Newport News, Virginia where I will visit my brother Dave and his wife Karla and kids, Nicholas and Curtis for a couple of days.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.
Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 5th Week from New York to Florida

Washington DC, to Gloucester Point VA, 11-29-04 to 12-5-04, 178 miles, 13,050 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004

Beautiful weather this week with warm sunny days just right for sandals, shorts, and T-shirt. Still a few cold nights, but nothing my sleeping bag could not handle.

Off busy route 1 and the Baltimore-Washington DC corridor with all its traffic and new housing developments. Into rural Virginia on route 17 with a few small towns, lots of historical signs informing on old churches, taverns, houses, Indian villages, civil and revolutionary war sites dating from early 1600's to l800's. Lots of forest and swamps, with the high trees blocking the low winter morning sun till 10 or 11am.

Talked to a deer hunter with portable tracking antenna by his pickup truck. He was tracking his radio-collared dogs that were chasing deer. Never heard of that way of deer hunting, sounds kind of boring driving around in a truck instead of walking the woods stalking your prey.

My tires were wearing thin, and I was looking for a Wal-Mart for new tires. Found an abandoned bike all rusted up on the roadside that still had good tires and tubes. So I stripped them off and put them on my baby jogger. My two 20-inch back tires I bought last year only lasted 2500 miles. My 16-inch front tire I bought in Mexico 4 years ago has about 6000 miles on it. Still thick rubber on it should last another 6000 miles I think. They use a lot of 3 wheel carts and utility bicycles down in Mexico to haul stuff, so I guess there is a big demand for cheap locally made tires that last a long time. They only cost me $3 each when I bought them. I had all 3 wheels with 16 inch diameter back then, but switched to the bigger 20 inch wheels for the back, when I bought a second used Runabout brand stroller (available on the web at from a friend. I think I might switch back to the 16-inch wheels since the Mexican tires I have on them last so much longer.

It always seems that whenever I need something it shows up on the side of the road or somebody stops to talk and gives it to me. People are always asking me if I need anything, of if there is anything they can do to help me. I pretty much have everything I need with me, except for getting food and water every day or two. Always nice when total strangers want to give me something special of theirs. One time a young girl got out of her parents truck and gave me a bag of oranges from her own orange tree. She said she had seen me on TV while I was passing through her area of Mexico and wanted to give me some of her oranges. I travel pretty light so I usually give away stuff I find on the roadside, like tools. Sometimes I share my apples, bananas, and oranges with homeless people I meet. I also I like to think that by sharing my weekly articles with others that I am giving people that read them some enjoyment, comedy, and even inspiration. It’s always nice when I get an email from somebody that says my writings have inspired them to go out and walk, have an adventure, or try something new and exiting that they have never done before. Its an amazing world out there, and there is so much to actually experience if you just get up off the couch, turn off the TV or video game and walk outside.

Middlesex County Sheriff Shaun stopped me to check me out. He ran my ID over the radio, which came back 10-29 (all clear of wants and warrants). He said that they had a call of a disorientated man pushing a cart on route 17. I am not sure why they thought I was disorientated. I pickup stuff off the roadside, and often go into the woods to use a bush as a restroom. So they maybe thought I was crazy or drunk. I see a lot of distracted drivers talking on cell phones, and often have to jump out of their way. Officer was nice and asked me several questions about my walk. I gave him my b-card with website address, and he gave me $5 to help me on my walk. Usually you end up getting a ticket and fine from the police. I think this is the 3rd time I have been given money by the police.

Somebody left a box of granola bars on my stroller while I was inside a supermarket shopping. One man pulled over, asked me what I was doing, and grabbed a big wad of bills and change ($4.26), handed it to me, and wished me a merry Christmas. Somebody else left me a box of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. Ate 6 of them in about one hour before I was able to put them away for the next day. Pretty good donuts, but not quite as good as the fresh ones you get when the hot donut sign is flashing in the Krispy Kreme window. 200 calories per donut times 6 was 1200 calories in about one hour.

Days are getting shorter, dark by 5pm now. I am usually in my tent by 5:15, dinner of oats and eggs, listen to NPR, brush my teeth, jot down a few notes in my journal, then asleep by 7pm. Getting up around 4am, breakfast of oats, eggs, and teaspoon of instant coffee powder all in one pot. Walking by about 6am, even though it does not get light till 7am. I like to stop at the nearest mini-mart for a real cup of coffee, download my email from payphone, and read and respond to it.

My Nike Air Max running shoes are real fast. Tried running a few times, but with pushing my heavily loaded baby jogger (50 to 75 pounds) it is a little awkward. Conditions have to be just right, a wide smooth level shoulder. I feel better just walking a little faster, 4 or 4.5 miles per hour instead of my usual 3 or 3.5 mph. Before I left Olcott, NY, there was an article in the Lockport newspaper about Mike Cutzacrea (not sure about correct spelling) running the Buffalo to Niagara Falls Marathon pushing his twins in a three wheeled baby jogger. He finished in 3:32 I think, which beats the old Guinness record of 3:52. He also has the record for pancake flipping while running 10k's and marathons I think. He is known as the pancake man. Used to ski at Kissing Bridge with his brother Steve when growing up in Newfane, NY, but never met Mike.

Heading south on route 17 for Newport News, VA, where I will visit my brother Dave and his family for 3 days. I have two world walk talks to give at local schools. Then south for Florida, looks like about 700 miles to Jacksonville Florida, then another 500 to Key West.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 6th Week from New York to Florida

Gloucester Point, Virginia, and through the Great Dismal Swamp, North Carolina. 12-6-04 to 12-12-04, 94 miles, 13,144 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004.

Stopped trying to walk across the York River bridge by bridge workers. They said no walkers allowed. I explained that I was walking around the world, and asked if there was any bridge maintenance worker that could give me a ride over. They said no, but would call police and ask them what to do. Police said go ahead and walk, no big deal. Big wide lighted shoulder, and all the traffic was on the other side heading south into work in the big city. Walked over 2 more short bridges in Isle of Wight that had no walker signs posted. DOT should be encouraging walkers by providing safe shoulders (bikers and walkers only need 3 feet) or bike paths, not outlawing walking. What’s next, mandatory cars for everybody, no walking allowed anymore.

I made a bright orange triangular "Share the Road" sign for the front top of my baby jogger. I often see these signs by state and city bike routes. Thinking of emailing walking, running, and biking magazines with a letter to the editor detailing my grassroots "Share the Road" campaign. It would help drivers to give us more consideration if we could get a lot of walkers, runners, and bikers to wear "Share the Road" reflectors, hats, vests, and decals. They are easy to make with various odds and ends I find on the roadside or you can buy reflective tape, orange vest, black magic marker, etc at hardware store.

Many vehicles create a problem by swinging wide into the other lane and giving me 10 feet of clearance when 2 feet is plenty. Other drivers slow down or stop either because they want to look or are unsure of how to get past me. Meanwhile the cars behind that are not paying attention slam on their brakes or swerve. One lady stopped just past the Dismal Swamp and caused another lady going at high speed behind to swerve off into a muddy field. Luckily nobody was hurt, but they would have tried to blame me probably. Any cop will tell you that in a rear end collision, the vehicle in back is always at fault. You are responsible for keeping a safe enough distance behind (1 car length for every 10mph) to stop in any circumstance. Another problem is tailgaters, because of the angle they are blocked from seeing me till they are even with me. I even saw a cop tailgating one time, and then he jerked the wheel to the left when he saw me, almost hitting a car in the other lane. Even though he had a good 3 feet of clearance on me. Cell phone talkers are also never paying very good attention to the roadside. I measured the narrow road at 21 feet. A normal car is 6 feet wide; an 18 wheel truck is a little wider. 10 and 1/2 feet for one lane, minus 6 feet for car, gives me 4 and 1/2 feet. My jogger is 2 feet wide, as are most bikes handlebars. So that gives a car 2 feet of clearance if they do not panic.

Went through the Great Dismal Swamp on a very narrow dangerous road. Sign at the beginning said 28 people killed. So I was watching all the cars very closely, plus keeping an eye out for Goblins, Trolls and Dementers. A sailboat headed south in the canal right next to the road passed me, probably headed for Florida on the Inter-Coastal Waterway. I was real glad to pass into North Carolina where the road got bigger with a nice big shoulder to walk on.

Gave a talk at the Kiln Creek Elementary School where my nephew Curtis Hause goes to school. The students all seemed to be interested and had lots of good questions. Also gave a talk at the Mary Peake School over in Hampton, Virginia. Treated to lunch in the cafeteria, and then got to walk a mile around the playground with all the students during recess. They had been reading my website and walking around the playground to see how long it takes them to walk around the world like me. Some students were running and one girl was doing cartwheels. After my talk they all gave me a big stack of cards and notes wishing me well on my world walk. They also gave me a big basket of fruit, oatmeal, peanut butter, granola bars, and water to help me fuel my walk. Already got emails from Robert, Julie, and Kieran. They all seemed to be very exited about my world walk and talk.

Had an enjoyable 3 day stay at my brother Dave’s home, with lots of time spent soaking in his hot tub, home cooked meals by his wife Karla, and playing games with my nephews. Also stopped to visit Todd Buhyoff in Chesapeake, Virginia who I went to school with growing up in Newfane, NY. He cooked a great pasta dinner for me and his wife. His wife made some tasty Chimarrao(hot herbal tea from southern Brazil) in a ceremonial gourd with a special metal strainer straw.

Listening to BBC radio one morning at 4am on NPR I heard of their "my simple pleasure" contest. I emailed them that my simple pleasure was walking around the world. 6 hours later they emailed me back, called my parents home, then called my brothers home. They wanted to interview me for their Outlook Radio program. Pretty short interview, only about 3 minutes long, and I did not get a chance to mention my website. They broadcast to almost every country in world so that’s cool. Next I would like to get on Jay Leno or David Letterman. The interview will be on the BBC website till this Thursday am. To hear it search the web for "bbc radio outlook program", click on that link, scroll down to Thursday, click on "listen to Thursday" a popup with ff and rew arrows should come up. Fast forward to 36:23 of a 40 minute program to hear me. My webmaster will also try and save it and put it on my website.

Headed south on route 17 for South Carolina now.

Weeks 7-9

Walkingman’s 7th Week from NY to Florida
Great Dismal Swamp North Carolina, to Jacksonville NC, 12-13-04 to 12-19-04, 176 miles, 13,320 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004.

Weather has been pretty nice this week, with mostly sunny warm days and a few freezing nights. One day I was down to shorts, T-shirt, and sandals, and woke up the next morning with 20F(-8C) and 3 inches of snow on my tent.

My orange triangle "Share The Road" sign seems to be helping. Drivers seem to notice me a little sooner and give me a little space. Seems to depend more on where the white line is painted on the roadside. If it is painted right next to the grass then people think I should not be on the pavement. But if it is just painted two feet from the grass, everybody gives me my space without any hassle.

One cop stopped to see if I was okay, I was lying down on the grass checking under my stroller. He said somebody called in a possible hurt person on the roadside. No cop has yet told me I can not walk on the edge of pavement. Saw one sign on route 1 near Washington DC, that said this road had been a Indian path, horse trail, wagon trail, dirt road, and now a paved road. So by common use law you can not take away a prior use with out providing an alternative like a sidewalk or bike path. Only exception is Interstate highways with limited access. Although in the southwest you are allowed to walk or bike them when there is no frontage road.

Passed though Edenton, North Carolina where there were about 25 historical signs. Earliest sign was 1585 for a meet between local Indians and colonists.

One man I talked to asked me if I was scared of bears and panthers around here. I told him I had never been bothered by any animals besides ants and mosquitoes. But that I had my tickle stick (orange plastic rod with reflector tape and feather) with me to tickle the bears nose (just kidding him). It’s the same size as a wooden practice sword I use when I study Aikido (Japanese martial art). One lady came out with a can of Pepsi and a coffee cup full of ice for me, hit the spot on a warm day.

Another man stopped to talk and gave me a big bag of food for lunch. He had seen me the day before, and took a look at my website. He said he enjoyed reading it and wanted to come out and find me and help me on my walk with some food.

Still having lots of dogs barking at me. Pretty much all of them are tied up, so no dog bites yet. Just finished reading a book call "Kinship With All Life" by J Allen Boone. He talks about communicating with animals through a type of telepathy. I stopped to try it on a few dogs, and a couple stopped barking and looked at me strange. Did not hear anything back, and they might have stopped barking because I stopped walking. I always read these books about amazing things some people do, and you never really know if they really did it or just made it all up. Usually hard to duplicate their results unless you have the time to read all of their books and spend lots of money to take one of their workshops or courses. I had an unusual experience and was thinking about writing about it. Since it was so unbelievable I think I will write it up as a science fiction story and let people decide for themselves.

I noticed that the days have not been getting shorter even though the winter solstice is not until the 21st of December. So I asked my brother to calculate how far south I would have to walk to keep up with the suns southern march. He calculated that you have to walk 18 miles a day to keep up with the sun. So since I have been walking 25 miles a day, my days have been getting longer by a tiny bit. From the 21st they will be getting longer faster as I head further south.

Headed south for South Carolina on route 17. Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or from my website at (do not click on reply to my yahoo address).

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 8th Week from New York to Florida

Jacksonville North Carolina to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. 12-20-04 to 12-26-04, 136 miles, 13,456 Total World Walk Miles. copyright 2004.

Passed the halfway mark to southern Florida last week without noticing it. 1150 miles walked from Olcott, NY, and about 900 more miles to Everglades or Key West. Having a great walk as always, meeting lots of nice people and seeing lots of beautiful things. Everywhere I go in the world people are mostly all good, no bad experiences this trip yet. I find that if you are nice to people and say hi and smile people are usually nice to you. If you think that people are bad and are wary or afraid they will usually react the same way.

Weather has been a bit cold this week with the jet stream heading further south than normal. Woke up on the 20th with 20F(-8C) and 3 inches of snow on my tent. Nice and warm in my sleeping bag and tent. Heated up water for instant coffee, then a pot of oats and eggs, then another pot of hot water to brew my green tea for my 1.5 liter water bottle. Sun was out by the time I started walking, but blocked by the tall trees on both sides of the road. Road icy and snow covered, but vehicles only going 20 mph, so no problem with traffic. Mostly walking in cleared right tire track on road, then moving to crusty shoulder when vehicles approached. One cop slowed down and told me I would have to move that thing off the highway. No "do you need any help, are you okay" I thought he was one cold hearted cop. So I moved over 2 feet to the crusty shoulder till he was out of sight and continued walking where I felt it was safest for me and oncoming traffic. I do not want to cause any accident, but I believe I do have a right to use the road. Had pretty much all my clothes on, but had to take off a layer as I slowly warmed up. On two warmer evenings I had a couple mosquitoes get into my tent. Supposed to warm up to 50 and 60's for this next week, so I bought a Hawaiian short sleeve shirt at the thrift store for a dollar to celebrate the coming warm weather.

Passed through Camp Legune Marine base and talked to a couple Marines in a coffee shop about their time in Iraq. Nice bike path through Jacksonville for about 2 or 3 miles.

I was having coffee one day in a mini mart when one construction worker gave me a bag of oranges and a fistful of change and bills($5.26). He said merry Christmas and walked out. One car slowed down and threw something out near my feet. Picked up a pen clipped around a merry Christmas note and $7. Two hours later the same car slowed down and threw another pen clipped around a happy new year note and $20. This time I had time to say thank you and see her face as she drove off. I guess she was either shy or maybe afraid of stopping to talk to me, but still wanting to help me on my walk.

Nice wide 2 lane divided highway with a 3 foot shoulder to walk on, so no serious problems with vehicles this week. Still keep a close eye on every vehicle as it passes me to be sure. Had to jump out of the way of two vehicles that either were trying to hit me or did not see me because they were talking on their cell phone.

Walked into North Myrtle Beach on the day after Christmas in a full day of rain and 33F(0C). Stopped at a mall with a movie theatre to take a break and watch a movie. Storm had broke when I came outside to still be cold but at least sunny. So I was able to continue walking for another 2 hours. My tent froze solid soon after I set it up as it was still wet from the morning rain, and I had not been able to dry it out all day. Thought about bringing it inside the movie theatre to dry, but they probably would not have liked that.

Headed south for Georgia on route 17.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or from my website at, do not click on reply to this email.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 9th Week from New York to Florida

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Gardens Corner, SC. 12-27-04 to 1-2-05, 164 miles, 13,620 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2004.

Warmed up quite a bit this week. Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals every day. Had to keep a wet wash cloth in my hat to keep cool. I also wear a bandana under my sun hat and pin my bandana beneath my chin to keep the sun off my face.

Also rolling up a wet wash cloth in a bandana and tying it around my neck. Your head and neck are where you can lose or gain the most heat. Did not bring my white bed sheet sun poncho with me this trip. So I might have to make one if it gets hotter. You just fold a sheet in half, lay down on it with arms spread out, cut down under your arms and down along you chest and legs. Then sew up the sides and under the arms. Cut a hole for your head and reinforce it to keep from tearing. Looks kind of funny, but it keeps me cool and prevents sunstroke. Right now I am wearing black bicycle shorts, knee socks, long sleeve shirt (I had to cut the tail off my Hawaiian shirt and sew them on to the short sleeves), and big brimmed sun hat with bandana. Only my knees and hand is exposed to the sun now.

Nights are warmer also, and I can leave my rain fly off and watch the stars and moon come out. Got out my mosquito netting jacket with hood one night when I camped near the swamps. You have to move fast to set up your tent and transfer everything inside before they eat you alive. Just last week it was snowing, and now I am dealing with sunstroke and mosquitoes, quite a change.

Been following fall south all the way from NY it seems. Leaves on some trees are red and yellow and still falling. Mostly pine trees, a few palm trees, and oak trees with Spanish moss. Yellow butterfly landed on my hand one day. Red fire ants on the roadside will boil out of their anthill if you step on them. Lots of sand spurs (grass seed shaped like tidily winks) with real sharp thorns to stick in your feet or tires. Wore out those used tires I put on up in DC. Found some double thickness Flatbuster tires at Wal-Mart. With my double thickness thorn proof tubes inside I should be okay. No flats yet this trip.

One sheriff in Mt Pleasant South Carolina stopped to ask me why I was walking on the road. I told her that when a sidewalk or shoulder is not provided it is legal to walk on edge of highway pretty much every where in the USA. She said she would check SC laws. Sure enough I was right and she wrote down SC Law # 56-5-3160. Pedestrians on highways.

(a) Where a sidewalk is provided and its use is practicable, it shall be unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.
(b) Where a sidewalk is not available any pedestrian walking along and upon a highway shall walk only on a shoulder as far as practicable from the edge of the roadway.
(c) Where neither a sidewalk nor a shoulder is available, any pedestrian walking along and upon a highway shall walk as near as practicable to an outside edge of the roadway and, if on a two-way roadway, shall walk only on the left side of the roadway.
(d) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, any pedestrian upon a roadway shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway.

She said she did not know that and told me to be careful.

A while later another sheriff stopped and disagreed with the first sheriff and would not look at the law I had with me when I tried to read it to him. He seemed to be very mad at me, but luckily the side walk was just starting and I could move off the road for the rest of Mt Pleasant. Kind of frustrating, when two cops react to me so differently. Had to keep on walking and singing Zippity-Do-Dah for a while before I calmed down.

Headed south for Georgia on route 17.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , do not click on reply to this email. Or from my website at .

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Weeks 10-12

Walkingman's 10th Week from New York to Florida
Garden Corners South Carolina, to Yulle Florida, via Georgia. 1-3-05 to 1-9-05, 174 miles, 13,794 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2005.

Warm nights in my tent listening to frogs, crickets, owls, and the faint hum of mosquitoes outside. Alligators and snakes in one canal I camped next to according to two hikers I talked to as I set up my tent. Did not see any, but lots of mosquitoes outside trying to get in.

Lots of big live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from the branches. Some of them must be 200 or 300 years old. Great place to stop for a shade break on a hot sunny day.

Going through lots of estuary systems where rivers flow into the ocean. Rivers of grass as far you can see. Nice flat land with the only hills I go over are bridges or overpasses. Last hill I remember was up by Washington D.C.

Stopping for a pint of ice cream almost every afternoon. Have not lost any weight this walk. Still at the same 185 pounds that I was when I left Olcott, NY 10 weeks ago. Have lost as much as 20 pounds on some walks. I think it might be because I went back to having a stove and eating oats and eggs for breakfast and dinner every day, plus a pint of ice cream.

Stopped at the smallest church in the USA in Newport South Georgia. 16 feet by 8 feet, with a pulpit, 12 small chairs, and lots of stained glass windows. About the same as the cabin I built up at Brian Head, Utah. Amazing how big people are building their houses nowadays. You can not take you money with you, so I guess you might as well spend it while you are alive. I guess after sleeping in a tent and living in a dorm room at all the national parks I have worked at, anything bigger is kind of wasteful. I like to keep my life simple without a lot of material possessions. They just limit your options and slow you down, if you like to travel.

Roads have been pretty good in Georgia. On route 17 now, that is next to I-95, so all the heavy traffic I can hear 100 yards to a mile away. Hardly any bikers or walkers except in towns. The bridge over the river into Florida was closed on route 17. So I had to detour over to I-95 entrance. Sign says no walkers, so I had to hitchhike 6 miles to get over bridge and back on route 17. While I was making "need ride over bridge" sign on cardboard with magic marker a lady stopped and gave me $5 and drove off. I think she must have thought I was making "will work for food" or "broke and homeless" sign. Only had to wait 15 minutes when a man in pickup gave me ride over bridge.

Pretty quiet week in Georgia, nothing unusual happened. Talked to a few locals every day. Did see a newspaper article about "Hogzilla" a feral hog that was the size of a hippo. National Geographic came down to interview the local farmer that shot it and dug it up to weigh and measure it. Something like 12 feet long and 3000 pounds. They are doing a TV special on it.

Headed east over to coast road A1A this coming week and then south all the way to Everglades National Park or Key West. Looking foward to A1A as it has bike paths and sidewalks pretty much the whole way. Lots of retired people and tourists out walking and biking.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , do not click on reply to this email, or from my website at Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 11th Week from New York to Florida

Yulle, Florida to Oak Hill, Florida. 1-10-05 to 1-16-05, 168 miles, 13,962 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2005.

Beautiful week on coast road. Nice sunny days of 60 to 70F (15 to 21C) with only one day of rain. Mostly on route A1A, then over to route US1 when A1A ended. A1A is on the barrier islands and only has mini-marts, so I decided to go with US1. Wider shoulder to walk on, and usually big supermarkets in most towns.

Stopped at 500 year old Spanish fort at St. Augustine, Florida. Then stayed with in-laws of my next door neighbor from Newfane. Slept in an antique Chinese bed, had great home cooked dinner and hot shower. Also visited another friend near Daytona Beach and got to watch a football game while eating steak, potatoes, and corn on a TV tray.

Man in a van stopped and hailed me by my name. The Brummer’s from Duffers Golf Course in my hometown of Newfane, NY just happened to be passing and stopped to say hello.

While I was passing a gas station a tinny voice told me to come in. I looked around and realized it was the gas station man talking through the gas pump speaker. So I went inside and chatted a while.

One man stopped his bicycle ride and walked and talked with me for an hour. He had just retired and was looking for ways to spend all his time, and wanted to ask me a lot of questions about my walk.

Across the Intercoastal Waterway on one short ferry near Atlantic Beach. The ferry captain threw me down a bag of candy from the bridge and wished me good luck on my walk.

Lots of new construction going on along the coast. Although it could also be repairs and rebuilding from hurricane damage. As I go farther south I notice more and more roof damage that still needs to be fixed.

Only about one more week to south Florida. Amazing how fast this walk has gone by. Planning on looking for work in the Everglades National Park first, then on down through the Keys to look for work. Would like to switch to working winters and walking summers. Would like to walk across Australia next June to September during their winter when it cools down.

Headed south for Everglades National Park on route US1.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , do not click on reply to this email, or from my website at

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 12th Week from NY to Florida

Oak Hill, Florida to West Palm Beach. 1-17-05 to 1-23-05, 174 miles, 14,136 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2005

Still lots of hurricane damage not fixed yet in the central east coast of Florida. Lots of roofs still covered with blue plastic tarp and lots of docks wiped out. Saw huge piles of wrecked mobile homes in front of one trailer park. Only a few homes left, and they might have been replacements. Gas stations and fast food joints seem to have been hit hard with lots still closed and under repair.

Walked down a dirt road one evening looking for a camping spot as the sun set. Followed a small foot path through some tall grass and under some huge bent over trees covered with Spanish moss and vines. Dog started barking as I came into a small clearing with 5 tents covered with blue plastic tarps. Also a fire pit and kitchen area under mosquito netted picnic tent. Talked to one man that said he lived here with 4 other guys. They all had bikes and rode into town to get day labor jobs at one of the many temp worker places. He said he spent the hurricane right here in his camp watching the whole thing. Lots of signs everywhere in Florida saying "hiring now", and "roofers, laborers, and construction workers needed". Plus all the fast food joints usually have signs out. There is always work out there if you are willing to take what ever is available.

Hit by paper Taco Bell cup of ice and Coke by passing car. It hit my "share the road" sign first, bounced off handlebars and splashed all over my shirt. Startled me, but no harm done. I had just soaked my shirt with water to cool off, so no problem squirting a little more water to get any stickiness off. Happens so fast that there is no time to step aside or duck. Gets me real mad for a couple minutes till I cool down and start pitying anybody that would enjoy hurting people. They must have a pretty bad life if they get fun out of hurting people. Only second time in 2 years of walking the world (spread over the last 8 winters) that I have been hit by anything. So I tend to enjoy all the good experiences and not let the bad ones bother me.

Woke up one night in my tent as I heard a car door slam and saw some flashing police lights. I said howdy as the cop walked over my way and flashed his light at me. He asked me to unzip my tent slowly, and asked what I was doing. Told him about my walk and gave him my license to run. After it came back clear of wants and warrants he asked me if I had seen or heard any one passing by. He said they had a report of a prowler outside somebody’s trailer in the trailer park next to the vacant lot I was camped in. I told him I had not heard anyone go by, and that I was a pretty light sleeper. He thanked me and said sorry that he had woke me.

Best when dealing with the police to be polite, honest, and do what ever they say. Never raise your voice, argue, or use violence against a cop. They have a gun, pepper spray, and handcuffs, and will use them if they feel justified or not. The majority of them are good and just doing their job as best as they can. A few bad ones just they every other profession. In that case, just agree with them even if they are wrong (like that cop in South Carolina and get out of their town ASAP. They sometimes have bad days since they deal with some very bad people. Sometimes they get swore at, spit at, kicked, shot, knifed, and bit by people with a high possibility of having a communicable disease. So it is understandable that they might be in a bad mood sometimes.

Stopped at a Ci-Ci's Pizza buffet one day. Usually do not have buffets as I prefer to eat fruit, cookies, and yogurt all day as I walk, instead of eating a big meal that will slow me down. But Ci-Ci's has the best buffet with great regular pizza and the best dessert pizza with apple cinnamon, chocolate, honey bun, and cherry pie pizza. I think I had about 6 of the honey buns, best I ever had

One lady stopped her car and asked me where I was walking to. I told her I was headed for Key West and was walking around the world. She gave me $10 to help me on my walk and said she enjoyed giving people she saw walking money.

Three bicyclist tourists passed me and stopped to talk. They were pretty lightly laden and said they were just out on an overnighter to visit friends. Have only seen 2 other bicycle tourists on this trip. I guess most do it in the summer.

Headed south on route US 1 to Flamingo Lodge in the Everglades National Park to see if they have any jobs open. If not, then on to down through the Keys to look for work somewhere in the Keys.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; do not click on reply to this email, or from my website at

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Weeks 13-14

Walkingman’s 13th Week from NY to Florida
West Palm Beach, Florida to Key Largo. 1-24-05 to 1-30-05, 147 miles, 14,283 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2005.

Walking through one big city now all the way from Palm Beach to Homestead. Good sidewalks or bike paths the whole way, but lots of traffic, noise, people, and pollution.

Two ladies in a car pulled up to me an asked if I had time to participate in a survey. After I told them what I was doing they said I did not qualify for their survey, asked my website address and took off. That night on the radio I heard that they were doing a 24 hour survey and census of as many homeless people in Dade County as possible to determine their numbers, needs, where they slept, and what they ate, etc. Lots of homeless people down here because of the beautiful weather. Talk to several every day, as some seem interested in my method of carrying all my gear in a baby jogger. No problem with any so far as I keep on moving and do not hang around bars or dubious areas. One man did wake me up at 12am as I was camped in a vacant lot behind some bushes and trees. He said this was his land and wanted $5 rent from me. He had a beer in his hand and was slurring his words, so I knew he was drunk. Told him this was not his land but I would give him a couple bananas if he were hungry. He took the bananas and walked off. I usually try and find a hidden spot to camp, but with all the homeless it is hard not to find a good spot without somebody camped nearby.

Talked to one bicycle tourist pulling a trailer with his dog in the back. 14,000 miles on his bicycle around USA so far. He funds his ride by giving out a 30-page booklet with photos and stories about his adventures and asks for a $2 donation. Good stories in his booklet, one of his ideas is to not listen or read about any news. He just talks to people and experiences life day to day. I have always been a NPR or CNN news junkie, not sure if I could kick the habit. But he does have an interesting point; we do not really need all this news about things that do not really serve any useful purpose to us.

Passed another man pushing a hybrid bicycle/cart. Front bicycle wheel and handlebars connected to a metal cart with two 3-inch metal wheels. Piled high with suitcases, plastic buckets, cardboard boxes. Must have been all his worldly goods. I asked where he was going and what his name was. All I got out of him was 3 words, Jose and New York. Not a very talkative guy, so I shook his hand, wished him good luck, and took his picture. Walking at about 1.5 mph pushing his cart by the handlebars will take him about a year I think to get to NY.

One night while lighting my stove for dinner the wick shot up in a streak of flame and bounced off my mosquito-netting roof and landed on my sleeping bag. I snuffed it out quick with a wet washcloth I had in my hand. Burned a big hole in my mosquito net roof, and a small hole in my sleeping bag. Patched the holes up with duct tape till I find some netting. Being real careful now not to point my lighter at the base of wick where it goes into alcohol fuel can. Also have water bottle and wet washcloth handy ready to use. Quite a fireworks show in a small tent, but no serious harm done.

Stopped in Homestead, Florida and called Human Resources at the Flamingo Lodge in Everglades National Park about a job. They told me told me to come on down and fill out an application as they had some openings. So I hitched a ride down, as it was a 50-mile dead end road with no legal camping spots till the end. Filled out app, had interview and they had a job open for me, but no dorm rooms open right then. He said he would email me soon if a room opened up. You have to live in the employee dorms or bring your own trailer for the campground, as there is no other place to live. My summer job starts March 11th, so I think I will skip working in Florida for now. Will apply this summer for the full winter season at a couple places, and then maybe walk Australia next summer. So I hitched back to Homestead and kept on walking south for Key Largo.

As I was walking a women hailed me from a nice shady spot. She asked me to come over and talk a bit. She said she was a fellow world traveler and wanted to talk about my travels and her recent trip to Costa Rica. So I sat in the shade and had a nice chat with her. Always meeting other interesting people that are also traveling and not afraid to talk to strangers. As I was walking the 25 mile stretch from Homestead to Key Largo a friend I had visited up near Daytona Beach pulled over his Harley motorcycle and gave me directions on how to find his aunts place in Key Largo. Joe Vandruska, a friend of my sister’s who used to work at the Delphi plant in Lockport NY was staying there doing some work on his aunts house and invited me to stop in for a shower, Jacuzzi, home cooked meal, and a rest. Happened at a great time as it was Sunday and the traffic on US-1 coming out of the Keys was terrible. Narrow shoulder with those raised reflector bump rumble strips that I had to aim through every 50 feet. Long lines of traffic with everybody tailgating. Had to jump out of the way several times when people drifted over the white line and did not see me because they were to close to the car in front.

Staying here in Key Largo for an extra day so I can go snorkeling at John Pennycamp State Park. Then southwest 98 more miles to Key West. Will ride the Greyhound Bus back to Buffalo, NY to visit family and friends before heading out west to Page, Arizona to work at Lake Powell Resort in the Glen Canyon National Park for the summer. Will be in the Newfane, New York area from about February 7th to the 21st. I can also give a talk about my world walk in any other area of the country I will be passing through between February 22nd and March 10th on my way down to Virginia and out to Arizona if any clubs or schools want me to give a free talk about my world walk.

Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or leave a message at 716-778-7193. Will do some research over the summer and decide where my next walk will be. Maybe Australia or South America.

Headed south on US-1 now for Key West. Email me with questions and comments, do not click on reply to this email, or from my website at

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

Walkingman’s 14th and Final Week from NY to Florida

Key Largo to Key West, Florida. 1-31-05 to 2-6-05, 126 miles, 14,409 Total World Walk Miles. Copyright 2005

Great walk down through the Keys. Beautiful weather every day, sunny and hot 75F. Good bike path or shoulder to walk on with lots of woods to camp in.

Stayed with a friend in Key Largo so I could take a break and go snorkeling at John Pennycamp State Park. Saw barracuda, rays, shark, turtles, and other assorted reef fish. Cool 75F ocean water felt good on a hot day.

Was worried about finding camping spots in the Keys, but lots of woods being bought by towns and state to preserve as wildlife sanctuary. Often I see paths into woods where homeless people have camped. They usually leave a mess, with cardboard, old clothes, bottles, cans, and plastic strewn all over. I like to leave a camping spot cleaner than when I arrived. Zoning laws require a certain percentage of trees for each lot. So instead of green grass lawns, most houses are surrounded with thick woods. Water for irrigation is also very expensive, as it is piped down from mainland, so only grass you see is on golf courses and hotels.

The bike path sometimes goes over parts of the old railroad bridges that were mostly destroyed in the 1932 Labor Day hurricane. Railroad tycoon Flagler built the railroad all the way to Key West for only $49 million in the early 1900's, only to see it destroyed in 1932. So the government took over and built a road and bridges all the way.

Stopping to wade in the ocean at public beaches with fresh water showers every day. Cool ocean water and a shower feels great on a hot day. Fun to watch all the birds fly by. Pelicans, sea gulls, storks, herons, hawks, eagles, and vultures. Lots of beautiful flowers and butterflies also to see. They do have a problem with feral animals that have escaped or released by their owners here in the Keys. Lots of chickens roaming around and making all kinds of noise early in the morning. Lizards, snakes, and other pets also compete with local wildlife for food and habitat.

Got an email from local family that had seen me and looked up my website. They invited me into their home for a hot shower, home cooked meal, and warm bed. Great to meet some locals and have some fresh caught crab, and hear about area. They had called local US-1 radio station and told them about my World Walk and website. I was getting a lot of people beeping at me that day because the radio station was reading some of my weekly articles on air.

Into Key West on a beautiful hot sunny day. Picked up my Greyhound bus ticket to Buffalo and walked around to see a few of the historic sights. Walked around Mallory Square to watch the sunset and entertainers on the boardwalk. They all had bicycles with neat homemade trailers to carry all their equipment and goods, as parking in pretty scarce and expensive.

This walk is over for me now, 2103 miles in 98 days for an average of 21.5 miles per day. Ready to take a break and visit family and friends before I go back to work at Lake Powell, Arizona, and plan my next walk. Had a great walk and meet lots of nice people. Hardly had any bad experiences, just hit by one soda cup, and only had one frustrating cop to deal with. All the others cops I talked to were nice. Lots of nice people stopped to talk and gave me advice, food, money, and sometimes invited me into their home for a home cooked meal, hot shower, and warm bed. Lots of nice people and very few bad ones out there from my experiences. Of course a lot depends on your attitude, if you are confident and greet people with a smile, they usually respond in kind. Being afraid and distrustful of strangers will usually bring the same reaction. Just use common sense and do not let people take advantage of you.

I kept track of how much I spent, and how much I was given. I spent $565 of my own money, which over 98 days is about $5.50 a day for mostly food. $185 was given to me by nice people that wanted to help me on my world walk.

Hopefully I have inspired some people to get up from their couch, turn off the TV or video game and walk outside to get some exercise or have an adventure. It is an amazing world out there to experience yourself.

Looking forward to my next walk. Will do some research this summer and decide where I want to go next. Might work straight through this summer and next winter so I can walk Australia next June to September when it cools down there. Will send out an email with plans for my next walk when I deicide.

Thanks to my website guy Mike Kreidel for all the great work he has done on my website. I will be getting my photos for this trip on the website in about a month. Also got an email from a guy that did some comic strips about me that he is sending me to put on my website. Will be putting on a 2 minute ABC news video interview of me in Texas also. So check out my website in about a month or 2 for some new stuff.

Email me with questions and comments at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or from my website at

Thanks to all the people that emailed me with questions, comments, and good wishes. Always good to hear from anybody interested in my walk.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary Walkingman Hause

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