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United States & Mexico 2012-2013

2012-2013 Pre-Walk Article
Gary 'Walkingman' HauseJust finished up working the summer at Lake Powell Resort near Page, Arizona, and ready for my next big walk. Leaving Page, Arizona November 3rd 2012 and walking south for Mexico. Just going to amble along and enjoy myself, no hurry, no worries, as the Australians say. Will probably do a loop around southern Arizona, Nevada, southern Utah, and back to Page, Az by spring. About 1800 miles over 4 months. Will take a break for Thanksgiving to spend time with family, then another break for Christmas to go back to Page Arizona and spend it with family.

Just got married in the spring to Denise Boldin. She has 4 kids, with two still in Page schools, so she can not come walking with me yet. She said I can still keep walking around the world for 3 or 4 months a year till all her kids are out of the house and into college. Not sure if she will walk with me then, or maybe bicycle tour. She likes to travel, but is used to staying in hotels and cruise ships. Been looking at building a small gypsy wagon with 4 biclycle wheels that we could both push to walk around the world with.

Started a Facebook Page just last week. I have a smart phone with camera now that I can post photos on my facebook page with. So I think I will continue writing a 2 page article and emailing it out to all my email friends, (reply with a delete message in the subject field if you do not want my articles) and posting it on my website. Also I will take photos every day when I see something interesting and post it on my facebook page with a short note. Facebook is new to me, so it will take me a while to figure out how to do all this new stuff. So feel free to check out my Facebook page and friend me, gary hause, page arizona.

So far I have walked about 24,649 miles across the USA, Europe, UK, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. I have about 14,000 more miles to walk across Asia, Africa, and South America to break the Guinness Book World Record of 38,000 miles for walking around the world, set by Arthur Blessit (

Every night right after sunset I pitch my tent just off the road and get a good nights sleep. Up one hour before sunrise every morning, I cook up a single pot of oatmeal, with 2 eggs, instant coffee, sugar and sometimes chocolate stirred in, while lying in my sleeping bag. Then I break camp and start walking just about as the sun rises. Usually I average about 20 to 25 miles a day, stopping to shop for food, take rest breaks, talk to locals, go swimming, and enjoy observing the local plants, animals, and people. Lots of nice people stop to talk and ask me what I am doing. People are always giving me food, drink, advice, and some times invite me into their home for a home cooked meal, hot shower, and to stay over. Always makes me appreciate my favorite things in life, a hot shower, home cooked meal, and friendly people.

I usually eat about 5000 to 6000 calories a day(about $5 to $8 a day) to keep me going. Yogurt, granola or oatmeal, sugar (for my oats, coffee, and sun tea), eggs, apples, V-8, bananas, oranges, bread, cookies, dates, raisins, and lots of sun tea. You can view a detailed breakdown of my diet with cost , calories, and food type on my website at under the dining page. I push a three-wheel baby stroller made by Runabout Stollers in Aloha Oregon (, loaded with all my gear. I emailed the company about buying a new stroller and after finding out that I had been using one of their strollers the last 10 years to walk around the world they gave me a free stoller. I have included a photo coupon ad of a Runabout Stroller double and triple model, plus some photos of my stroller stripped, reinforced, and loaded with all my gear in the first article back in 2009-2010 pre walk article. Tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food, water, computer, and radio, usually about 60 to 85 pounds. I also have a photo of my stroller with new bigger mountain bike wheels. The wheels that came with the stroller were a little to narrow for going off road, they tended to sink into the sand when I go offroad to camp every night. So Vance Swartz at Lakeside bikes here in Page helped me convert from 20 by 1 inch to 24 by 2.25 wheels for the back and from 16 by 1 inch to 20 by 1.75 for the front wheel. Vance also does tours of the local slot canyons and has lots of great photos of the Lake Powell area on his website at .

Switched to Sketchers Shape up sandals and shoes for the extra cushioning they provide because of some bruising in my foot that caused Plantar Facetitis. With my Gore-Tex suit and wool pants and sweater on, I can walk through any cold weather. Also using Udderly Smooth Udder Cream on my feet to keep them blister free. Wal-mart sells it in their pharmacy dept.

I write a weekly article about my journey on my Ipad computer and post it with photos on my website at Just bought a Samsung smartphone with camera, so I should be able to post more recent photos with my bi-monthly articles, and on my new Facebook page. Also have a few new Walkingman comic strips about my walk drawn by Micheal Treat on my website. You can also see an ABC News video and a Youtube video with me walking and answering questions. My webmaster Mike Kreidel has a real cool flash movie with photos of people I met and the song Walk 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. My webmaster is also redoing my website with new software so I can post my own journal and photos with my new computer and camera as I travel. I have been emailing my articles to him and having him post them.

Lots of people ask me why I am walking around the world. I tell them I am doing it for fun, adventure, exercise, and a cheap way to see the world. Every day I get to see the sun rise and set, meet lots of nice people, get lots of good exercise, and something unusual happens to me everyday. You never know what’s going to happen, whom you will meet, or what the weather will be like. It always reminds me of reading my favorite books like "The Hobbit"by JRR Tolkien, "Walk Across America" by Peter Jenkins, or "Siddharta" by Herman Hesse. You never know what kind of adventure you will have, what you will learn, who you will meet, or how your life will be changed. . Always nice to lay down in my tent after a full day of walking, watch the moon and stars, and think about what happened over the course of the day.

Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or from my website at If you have any questions or comments about my walk. I always enjoy hearing from anybody that is interested in my world walk and always take the time to answer all emails as soon as I can. I might take a while to answer as it will be a long way between towns with wifi reception for my computer, but be patient and I will answer all emails.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.
Singing Zippity Do Dah, All Day Long.

Gary Walkingman Hause.


WEEKS 1-3, 2013
Page, Az to near Safford , Az. Nov 3rd to Nov 29th 2012. 354 miles, 25,003 Total World Walk Miles.

"On the road again" by Willie Nelson, one of my favorite songs to sing while walking the world. Not as easy as "zippity do dah". I also have a Sony Walkman Am-Fm radio that I listen to while I walk. It is great to be back on the road again walking. I really enjoy the fresh air, stimulating exercise, camping out every night, meeting people, seeing interesting animals, new sights, and just the grand feeling of the freedom of the road stretched out in front of me going as far as I can walk. Which is quite a ways as I have already walked 25,003 miles around the world. Not counting training miles and the 26,000 miles I bicycled around the world before switching to walking. I enjoy married life in Page with my new wife Denise Boldin, but I never have stayed in one place longer than 6 or 7 months without feeling like hitting the road and traveling.

Left Page Saturday afternoon after a nice little going away party at McDonald's with some family and friends. Headed south for Flagstaff which I have already walked 3 times before. Very beautiful section with lots of red rock, steep cliffs, Pinon and Juniper trees, and Salt Cedar turning yellow in the washes. Dan Davis stopped to chat and interview me again for his TV show "AAA Arizona Highways with Dan Davis" . It is usually on saturdays at 10 am on NBC channel 12 in Phoenix Arizona. I think they also have a website where you can view past shows. Somebody said they saw me on the show two weeks ago on the 24th or 25th of november.

Had a nice road side picnic the day after I left home. My family came down with a pizza and home made cookies from Penni Case. Had some Navajo fry bread and beef stew at the Gap Chapter House. They were voting and had a food booth set up. Saw Helena Billah that I worked with at Lake Powell Resort working the food booth and she invited me over for lunch.

Started out walking a little slower then usual. Bruised or hurt my right ankle a couple weeks ago somehow and it is still sore and swollen a little. Only walking about 15 miles a day and limping a little a first till it loosens up. I think my limp caused a blister to develop on the ball of my other foot. My gait must look a little funny with a sore right ankle and blister on left foot. Still having a good time and enjoying myself. The human body can endure an amazing amount of pain and keep on going. I have read lots of books of amazing journeys under terrible conditions. My favorite was "The Longest Walk" by a Polish officer about 2 year walk from Soviet prison camp to India during WW two. They also made it into a movie.

Stopped at Hanks Trading Post just north of Flagstaff for 25 cent coffee and popcorn. Shared it on the bench outside with a couple Navajos and red dog. I mentioned that I had stopped at another trading post up the road aways and had a real strange experience. As I pulled up to the trading post a man came out doors and asked what I wanted gruffly. I said look around and maybe buy a candy bar. He said hurry up, he was busy. So I looked at the shelves of dusty candy and chips and picked out a snickers bar. I went outside and sat in a lawn chair to eat my candy bar and write in my journal. He came out a couple minutes later and said move along, nobody but me sits in that chair. Strange way to run a store. The Navajos I was sitting with said he is mean to everybody and hardly gets any business. Wind was gusting 20mph to 30mph and predicted to reach 45 to 60mph that night. So I asked Joe, the owner of Hanks if I could pitch my tent in the lee of his shed. He said fine with him. As I was going over to set camp up I saw a couple by their trailer and told them I had Joe's permission to camp the night. Glenn and Shauna Blevins came over a little while later and invited me in for dinner with them. Awesome home cooked meal with a big plate of warm brownies to take back to my tent for snacks. They also told me to come at 7.15 am for coffee and breakfast. Always nice to be invited into somebody's home for a home cooked meal.

Wind slowly picked up the next day till it was gusting at 45 to 60mph. Tumbleweeds were blowing across the road right at me. One dust devil in front of me had about 30 tumbleweeds in it an a truck blew through it and busted up the dust devil and all the tumbleweeds broke up and headed right for me. I was hit by a couple, but they are very light weight and look more dangerous then they are. Kind of surprising when hits you from behind though. Once the wind was up to 60mph and I was only going about 1mph, I decided to stop and hitch into town. It was only another 15 miles to a nice clean warm youth hostel with hot shower and warm bed. So with more wind and snow predicted for the night I made up a cardboard sign for flag and got a ride in a pickup truck.

From Flagstaff (7000 feet elevation) I headed south for Payson and Globe and down over the Mogollon Rim to lower elavations of 3,000 to 1000 feet. Warmed up to 70 F days and 40 F nights. I was pre-setting wood in the evening for a campfire every morning at the higher elevations.
Flipped my Runabout Stroller one morning as I was pushing it up a steep bank back to the road. I slipped on wet grass and fell flat, the handlebars rotated down, then the stroller tilted over and flipped onto my back and rolled over to the side. No harm done to me or the stroller. Kind of funny , like when you see people climbing hills with ATV's or snowmobiles and they flip them over onto themselves. To bad I did not have one of those Go-Pro cameras attached to my stroller. Dan Davis put one on my stroller for his interview.

Two bicycle tourists from Montreal Canada stopped to chat. They were coming uphill and all bundled up with lots of clothes. I was going downhill and only had on shorts and t-shirt. I thought they must have been sweating a lot with all those clothes on, but I guess I generate a lot more heat then most people.

Meet my stepson Justice Boldin near Globe Arizona and caught a ride to Phoenix to meet family for a Thanksgiving vacation in Rocky Point Mexico for 5 days. Had a great time swimming in the sea, eating, mini golf, plenty of hot showers and other fun stuff.

Back to walking from Globe Arizona south for Safford, and then south west for Nogales. Planning on taking a bus up to Page Arizona for a couple weeks for Christmas at home with family. Then back walking in January. North for Tucson, west for Gila Bend, Lake Havasu City, Las Vegas Nevada, St. George Utah, Kanab, and back to Page Arizona by March or April. If anyones has friends in Nogales Arizona let me know. I am looking for a garage, shed or back porch where I could leave my runabout stroller for 2 or 3 weeks while I take the bus to Page.
Email me with questions or comments by clicking on reply or from my website at .

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary "Walkingman" Hause.


WEEKS 4-5 2013
Near Safford Arizona to Nogales Az, November 30th to December 10th, 2012. 202 miles, 25,205 Total World Walk Miles. southeast now on route 70 through the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Lots of Salt Cedars turning yellow along the Gila River. Mostly high desert at about 3000 feet with very few towns or houses. Once every 30 or 40 miles there will be a small town with a few houses and maybe a trading post\gas station if I am lucky for water and food. Passed through the town of Geronimo, no houses I could see, just an old ruined trading post and a couple old junked mobile homes. Must be a ghost town now. There was an Indian hot springs I wanted to go to listed on the map just off the main road, but when I asked a local about it, he said it was taboo because a recent murder there.

Into the big town of Safford which is mostly cotton fields on the north side of the road, and strip malls and houses on the south side of the road. Pretty dusty in the winter when the fields lie fallow and the wind blows. Stopped to see my step-son Justice at Eastern Arizona College and took a look see at the campus and around town.

Down south now towards Wilcox and Interstate 10 along route 191. Pretty desert with no towns or gas for a long ways. I always like these long stretches of road where it’s quiet and peaceful with hardly any noise or distractions. Cars go by once in a while but I pretty much tune them out and just kind of day dream about ideas I have, places I have been, and things I want to do or build. I had to walk along I-10 for about 50 miles past Wilcox and Benson till I could get on a local road again. Kind of noisy with all the big trucks, but after a while I tune them out to. They used to have signs at the entrances in Arizona that said "bicycles and walkers use shoulders”. But now they have a "no walkers" sign and "bicycles use shoulder" sign. But I have talked to several DPS Officers and they all say walkers can use the shoulder if there is no frontage road or alternate road. They just do not want you hitch hiking on the interstate.

Up and over the Dragoon Mts pass where Cochise and his Apaches used to ambush wagon trains in the mid 1800's. He would then head south into the mountains called Chohise's Stonghold, where the army had a hard time finding and defeating him. Cochise eventually made peace with the army and signed a treaty with the government. They were able to stay on a reservation here in Arizona. Unlike Geronimo and his Apaches who fought the army till they surrendered in Mexico and got sent to Florida to die in the hot, humid, malaria ridden swamps. Stopped at "The Thing" gas station/store/tourist trap to fill my water, camp overnight in the desert , and use the wi-fi . They have about 20 big road signs to try and entice you to find out what the mystery of the thing is. Only $1 to go in their museum and see, but somebody told me it is just a dried up fake mummy and some old western antiques. But I always like to go in to these stores, buy a real cup of coffee , and use the rest room to take a quick washcloth bath with hot water and soap. I usually sleep a lot better if I am clean.

One man stopped to chat and turned out to be someone I worked with at Yellowstone National Park back in 1985 and 86. Nice place to work in the summer and every once in a while I run into somebody I used to work with at different national parks. He gave me a bag of instant mashed potatoes to add to my ramen noodles. Blue Bus Barb stopped to chat and gave me a nice book she had a short story in. "Female Nomads and Friends" by Rita Golden Gelman. Interesting book with lots of short stories of ladies unusual travels around the world. I think I might use that idea and include some short stories of other world walkers when I finally get around to getting my book published. "How to quit your job and walk or bike the world on $5 a day" will be my title hopefully. Will try and see if I can E-Publish it this summer with Amazon Create Space E-publishing. While I was talking to Barb, Roger pulled over and handed me a take out container of Greek food and told me it was still hot from the restaurant. So I pulled out my white bucket and sat down for a nice hot Greek dinner while I chatted with Barb.

My body is still feeling pretty good and ambling along at about 15 miles a day. Right ankle is still a little sore, but does not really slow me down much. The big blister on my left food popped and hardened up, but then I developed a blister on my right foot in the same place, right on the ball of the foot. So I am kind of just taking it easy and taking a lot of breaks to write in my journal, read, take naps, talk to people, and just enjoy myself. I still use "Udderly Smooth Udder Cream" on my feet and almost never get blisters. I think my sore right ankle changed my gait and caused the two blisters.

JB of the Nogales International local paper stopped to chat and interviewed me for an article. A couple days later somebody told me they saw me in the morning paper , so I picked up a copy and read all about myself. I think they have an online edition where you can check the November 11,2012 edition for my article. While I was in Patagonia another local newspaperman interviewed me for their paper also. I had stopped for coffee in the Stagecoach Inn and the owner came over to chat and bought me breakfast. He called a friend to interview me and gave me the name of a friend in Nogales where I could store my Runabout Stroller while I took a Christmas Break to be with family up in Page Az. Patagonia is a nice little town with lots of friendly people. Really nice local radio station, nice monthly newspaper, and a neat park that runs the whole length of the main part of town between the two main streets. Looks like they have lots of festivals in the park with music, arts and crafts, farmers markets, and other gatherings. They have a neat butterfly garden planted to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

On to Nogales Az where I stopped at a locals house that let me store my stroller in a shed. Took the bus up to Page Az to spend Christmas with family. Will be back walking again hopefully in 3 or 4 weeks.

Having a nice Christmas break with family. Three nights in Las Vegas for Christmas, two nights at Brian Head ski resort for New Years Eve and snowboarding , and lots of work around the house and getting my raised gardening beds layered with dirt , leaves, horse manure , and covered with black plastic for spring.

Nogales-2013_01_12Got a nice package in the mail from Australia the day before I headed back to walking. I picked up a really nice Adapt A Cap in Australia 4 years ago while I was walking. The material they use is rated at 50 SPF protection against the sun. The hat is basically just a wide brim with a large cloth bandana that wraps around your whole face, neck, and throat to protect you against the sun. I used to use a large bandana under my hat before I got a Adapt A Cap. My hat was getting thin on top with a few holes that I had to patch up. So I checked on line for the company that makes them and emailed them about buying a new Adapt A Cap. They got back to me and said they had read my website and were real impressed with my world walk. They offered me a free hat, long pants, and long sleeved shirt all made out of the same SPF 50(they call it UPF 50 material in Australia). So they sent me two hats, two shirts, and one pair of long pants. Very comfy and very visible on the road as one shirt is neon green, and they sent me a neon green hat and a neon orange hat. They want me to write a product review for their website. So check out their website at or google Adapt A Cap in Australia. Great line of sun protection hats and clothes. I will try and get a photo of me with all my new UPF50 clothes on for this article and post it on my facebook page. Since the hat is soft material it works good on hot days to wet down a washcloth and lay it down on top of my head. I use a headband to keep the wash cloth from blowing off, and I can add water to it as it dries out with my bicycle water bottle easily. Keeps my head nice and cool as the water evaporates.

Finally getting the hang of taking photos with my new IPhone 5 and posting them on my facebook page and adding them to my articles. So you should start seeing more photos of my walk.

From Nogales I will walk north up to Tucson, then west for Ajo, Gila Bend, Parker, Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Las Vegas Nevada, St George Utah, Fredonia Arizona, and back to Page Arizona by mid March. Email me with questions or comments by clicking on reply or from my website at .

Keep on walking, life is amazing.

Gary "Walkingman: Hause.


Weeks 6-7, 2013
Nogales Az to Gila Bend Az, 1/13/2013 to 1/26/2013, 262 miles, 25,467 Total World Walk Miles.

jogger_breakdown"I shall be telling this with a sigh. Somewhere ages and ages hence, two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference", from a poem by Robert Frost. I took that different road 35 years ago when I took a leave of absence from Clarkson University for a year of travel. I hitchhiked out west with a backpack of camping gear, clothes, and a couple of my favorite books. "Siddharta" by Herman Hesse, "Illusions" by Richard Bach, "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Og Mandino, and "Being There" by Jerzy Kosinski. A visit to the Grand Canyon ended with a job washing dishes at the Bright Angel lodge and living in the dorms. After working in Sequoia National Park in 1981 I started my first bicycle tour across country and have been biking and walking around the world half the year and working the other half in a park or resort ever since. Married now to Denise Boldin and living in a house for pretty much the first time since growing up with my family. Luckily I found a beautiful wife that is okay with me continuing my walks for part of the year. When the last of her four kids are finished with high school and into college hopefully Denise will travel with me either walking, bicycle touring, or possibly in a RV following me. Not sure yet, I am working on building a bigger cart to carry enough equipment for both of us . Roger Berg of "Runabout Strollers" at is building me a custom cart based on his 8 seater model. It normally has two rows of 4 baby seats, so it can carry 8 baby's and rated for about 350 pound load. Not sure yet if I will build it up to look like a mini gypsy wagon/sheep camp/connestoga wagon. Or just add on a bigger plastic foot locker and have it just a bigger model of what I am pushing now. I bought a bigger plastic "Smart Bin" at Wal-Mart that should fit nice either on the bigger "Runabout Stroller" or on a bicycle flatbed trailer I modified. Will have to do some overnight trips this summer and see which method of travel Denise prefers.

Took the bus back to Nogales Arizona after a nice break for Christmas with family up in Page Az. Picked up my "Runabout Stroller" from the shed I stored it in and headed north for Tucson on the Old Nogales Highway that parallels I-19. Jet stream had veered way south and brought lots of arctic cold weather down all the way to Mexico. Cold every night down to 18F, and 35F during the day. So all the locals were bundled up and fixing frozen pipes. I stayed nice and warm in my tent and sleeping bag. Every night I collected firewood and preset a campfire to light in the morning after I had a hot cup off coffee and oatmeal and eggs in my tent on my alcohol fueled tuna can stove. Nice to sit on my white bucket and warm up around the fire as I break down my camp. Something about sitting around a fire warming up and staring at it that makes people feel good. Something like 99% of humankind's time on earth has been spent as a nomadic hunter gather. So a fire means we are safe, secure, warm, and hopefully have something to cook over it .

Stopped at a nice McDonalds in Green Valley Az for coffee and use the wi-fi connection for my IPAD. First McDonalds I have seen with a fireplace with fake stone logs and a gas fire going to sit by. Green Valley is a big retirement community, so the place was loaded with older people drinking coffee and chatting by the fire. Always nice to sit inside by the fire , drink hot coffee , and talk to locals about the area. Sometimes I get advice on the road ahead, how far to the next gas station or store, or some nice place to visit. One little campground/mini-mart I stopped at for coffee called the cops on me. Pretty cold windy day outside, so I like to go inside for coffee and a warm up whenever I see a store. No coffee for sale brewed, but an older lady said she had instant coffee she could make for me for a dollar. There was a little area with a counter, chairs, and a TV on the news channel. So I asked if it was okay if I sat down and watched the news while I drank my coffee. She seemed to hesitate, but then said okay. So I sat down for about 15 minutes, drank my coffee and watched the news. I thanked her for the coffee and went outdoors to continue walking when two local Sheriff trucks pulled up to talk to me with their lights on. They said the store owner was worried because I refused to leave. They asked if I had any weapons and ran my ID on their computer to check for wants or warrants. I told them I had some pepper spray, my feather sword, and a small knife. Also my hands were lethal weapons as I used to practice Aikido, (ha-ha just kidding). One cop went inside to talk to the owner and the other questioned me about what I was doing. Gave them my website b-card and explained about my world walk. The owner confirmed that she had given me permission to sit inside and drink coffee and watch TV and the cop said thanks for being honest. So I guess it was just a misunderstanding, the cops said it is a remote area and everybody looks out for everybody as lots of drug traffickers and illegal aliens come through this area. Lots of people think I am a homeless bum at first and are a little afraid of me till they talk to me and find out what I am doing.

Lots of Border Patrol trucks are passing me down here in southern Arizona, but very few stop to talk. Sometimes they check and see if I need any water. They always have lots of one gallon jugs of water to hand out to anyone in need. I think since I am wearing a bright green reflective vest with "World Walk" printed on the back, and have a "World Walk" sign on the front of my stroller they pretty much assume I am not an illegal. Illegal border crossers from Mexico usually walk for 2 to 10 days through the desert to bypass all the checkpoints and agents to reach a road where they can jump in a van and get a ride to a major city. I find lots of coats, backpacks, water-bottles, and other misc stuff left under bridges and on the shoulder. They sometimes stuff 20 or 30 illegals in a van, so they have to toss anything extra that will not fit. I found a nice pair of carpet slippers they wear over their shoes to make it harder for agents to track them in the desert. They used to just cut a piece of carpet and tie it on to the bottom of their shoes with bailing twine, but now people in Mexico with sewing machines are making really nice tailored carpet shoes out of denim and carpet. The Border Patrol drags a blade behind their trucks by the fence, in washes, and on dirt roads so they can see footprints of illegals and track them better. One night an agent woke me at 1am to check me out and see if I was legal. He said I was on their camera, so I assume they had a infrared or thermal camera outpost on a hill overlooking this checkpoint I was camped near. The illegals get dropped off before the checkpoints and have to try and make their way through the desert and around the checkpoint to get picked up again. Cops are always stopping to warn me to look out for drug trafficker's and illegals. They say they are getting more dangerous and shooting at people if they are spotted. Never had any problem myself, a few have stopped me for water or directions to the nearest store or gas station.

Two of my tires were getting pretty thin near Ajo. I could see the purple casing exposed through the treads, so I stopped to change them. I use double thorn proof tubes, so no flats, but pretty hard to lever on the new tire with all the extra rubber in there. I have about 5,000 miles on these tires as they were new 3 years ago when I got my new stroller. Other tire looks like it might last another 1 or 2 thousand miles. I usually run my fingers along the inside of a tire when I take it off and feel for thorns. Usually find 30 to 50 broken off thorns from really pesky grass plant that grows along the roadside. Some people call them goats heads, stickers, or sand spurs. They are an invasive species from the Middle East that can only grow where they get rain water runoff from a road or sidewalk. They are shaped like a tiddlywink, and have lots of really sharp thorns protruding in all directions to stick to anything they touch. They also have tiny barbed hooks at the point that make them hard to pull out. You need to use gloves or pliers to pull them out as they stick to you fingers. They drop off the plant in the fall and turn brown and harden up. Every once in a while I will track one inside on my shoes and then step on it later barefoot, boy that really hurts. The thorn proof tubes are usually thick enough that thorns will not go through both a tire and a thick tube. But I like to use an extra thornproof tube, cut off the valve, slit the inside of tube and line the tire with an extra layer of rubber to prevent all flats.

final_packupMy right ankle has been sore for 4 months now. Not sure how I hurt it back in October . I have been walking 15 to 20 miles a day, but I keep on developing a blister on the ball of both of my feet. Must be because my gait has been changed. This last week it has gotten worse, down to 10 or 12 miles a day walking. So I stopped my walk in Gila Bend Arizona. Some big desert stretches coming up on the way to Las Vegas along old route 80 across the Mojave desert. Usually if I am running low on water or food I can speed up a little and make it to the next town for supplies. With this sore ankle thats not an option, so it is probably best if I go home for now, have a doctor look at it and see what is wrong. Maybe a stress fracture, hairline crack, or damaged ligament. So I bought a bus ticket for Flagstaff and packed up my stroller. The wheels and handlebar come off, and I can roll it in my groundcloth , and tie it all up with rope. My white bucket goes in the footlocker, and I can carry everything in two big bundles for the bus, plane, or train home.

Hope you all have enjoyed my journal and been inspired to go out and walk, bike, and have an adventure of your own. Just turn off the TV or computer and open your door, a whole world of real adventure and nice people is out there just waiting for you. Feel free to email me with questions, comments, or contact me if you want me to give a free talk about my World Walk. Click on reply or from my website at . I will be living and working in Page Arizona till about November 1st and planning my next walk.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me out this walk. Lots of people stopped to talk and gave me water, food, donations, advice, and sometimes invited me into their home for dinner and to stay overnight. Roger Berg at supplied me with one of his amazing "Runabout Strollers", three years ago . The nice people at Sun Protection Australia sent me some nice UPF 50 hats, shirts, and pants. Their website is . Also thanks to my wife Denise Boldin for continuing to support my desire to walk the world.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary "Walkingman" Hause.

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